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Advantages Of Kiln Dried Firewood

What exactly does it mean when you kiln dry firewood? The split firewood pieces are loaded into a large dry kiln and dried to temperatures in excess of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. It's maintained at that temperature for at least 75 minutes and dried down to an approximate 10-15% outside moisture content. The split firewood pieces are now kiln dried, transferred to a building with a roof for bundling, delivery and use. This type of kiln dried firewood has an outer layer of moisture content which is sufficiently low to permit igniting using minimal paper and kindling pieces.

All of the firewood at Green Thumb Farms, Inc. is kiln dried, for sale year round and USDA certified. You can be confident in the quality of kiln dried firewood because we’re used in restaurants, city and state parks. Wisconsin State Park Systems that utilize our kiln dried firewood for outdoor recreation camping are New Glarus Woods, Lake Kegonsa, Mirror Lake, Rocky Arbor and Devils Lake State Park.

Green Thumb Farms, Inc. firewood meets the USDA certification requirements to remove unwanted Gypsy Moth and Emerald Ash Borer. Kiln dried firewood will kill all bugs, produces less creosote and burn 25% hotter than conventional wood.

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